• Goitsolution co., Ltd. focuses on providing innovative communications networking solutions to the Security Market, Virtualization system, Backup system.
  • Goitsolution onto the market in 2010, We do not just sell products, We focus on good solutions and good after-sales service. To provide customers with the best solutions, support the good work of customers.

About US

System Integration Service

In the fast-paced digital world, every business must adapt and keep up with the times. IT systems have become the main tools for every organization’s work. Goitsolutions is therefore committed to developing to be a complete IT Service provider. circuit with a team of specialists in each area that can answer your needs exactly to the point Our duties include not only providing IT equipment but also covering consultations. Take care of and solve daily problems Presenting a structural improvement plan Ready to install IT systems to support future work.


Operated by specialists Providing advice and monitoring the performance of IT systems through Preventive Maintenance (PM services) or preventive maintenance of IT systems to reduce the vulnerability of problems to a minimum.


-Network, Access Point, Firewall



-Service Support